We are a not for profit organization who is run by the generosity of volunteers.  We are funded from donations and adoption fees to care for the dogs in our program.  We are not a sanctuary, or a shelter, and we are not under any obligation to take your dog that you can either no longer keep or choose not to keep.  Since most of our volunteers are fellow dog lovers, if your dog does not get along with other dogs, the chance of us finding a foster home for them is very small.

It has been shown that dogs experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, just like people, if they are moved to too many different places in a short period of time. It would be best for your dog if you could keep the dog until a new home can be found to lessen the changes your dog must go through before moving and will make their adoption to their new owners more successful.

If you choose not to surrender your dog to us, please make sure you do rehome your dog with care.  If you surrender your dog to a shelter, unless you know the shelter has a no-kill policy, your dog can be euthanized before your get back to your home. Even if it is a no-kill shelter, if a shelter worker deems your dog as unadoptable, it will be euthanized.  If you decide to place your dog on Craig’s List, you are running the risk of the person using your dog for dog fighting bait or for laboratory testing.  The people shopping for animals on Craig’s List have become very savvy in convincing pet owners they are reputable when they are not. Unless you are willing to get a vet reference from them and verify they have provided good care for their previous animals, and do a home visit and fence check, like we do, to insure the dog is going to a good home, you run the risk of your dog ending up in a bad place.

For the reasons mentioned above, we do hope you consider the potential surrender of your dog seriously.  If you have children in your household you are teaching them that animals are disposable by surrendering your dog. It is imperative that you explain to them why you are surrendering your dog.  We understand you may be in a situation that is beyond your control, but you need to consider how your actions will impact your children. Keep in mind that your dog will potentially be going to a new home which could have children in it.  Please do not dump your problems with your dog on those of us trying to help homeless Great Pyrenees.  If the dog is aggressive or has health issues, please me truthful about them.

We do require your dog be sterilized, up to date on vaccines, on heartworm preventative , and has had a heartworm test in the past 12 months. If not, we do ask for a $100 surrender fee to have your dog vetted.

We will do our best to try to assist you in rehoming your dog.

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